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FatTrack Digital Body Fat Caliper

Super-Accurate Digital Measurement System
Measure Body Fat %

-By Yourself
-In Seconds
-With Superior Clinical Accuracy

Like the Accu-Measure Fitness 2000 Personal Body Fat Tester, the FatTrack Digital Body Fat Caliper enables a user to measure (AND TRACK) body fat % by oneself - easily and accurately.

-Easy to Use!
-Digital Accuracy!
-Personal Trainers Approve!

Recommended by Men's Journal, Muscular Development, Oxygen, Physical, Shape, Ironman, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Max Sports & Fitness, American Health and Fitness, IDEA Personal Trainer, and Natural Muscle magazines. Also recommended by the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation, the FatTrack meets the stringent requirements of weightlifters, bodybuilders, and powerlifters. Also,, in its May 2001 review called the FatTrack "one quality little machine...and best of all, it's accurate!". AND, in Muscle Media's (EAS) July/August Insider column, they said "our new favorite gadget is the FatTrack...a hit with the editorial staff...palm size dynamo." Whether you are in the Body-for-LIFE challenge, a competitive lifter, personal trainer, or just trying to monitor your body fat to maintain great health, the FatTrack gives you the do-it-yourself ease and accuracy expected from expensive medical devices.

Each FatTrack product includes:

-A FatTrack Digital Skinfold Caliper
-A Free MyoTape Body Tape Measurer

The FatTrack has a Super-Accurate Digital Measurement System with these great features:

-Uses patented Floating Code Thickness Measuring System for 1mm accuracy and 100% repeatability. No more tables and charts to interpret.
-Uses most popular trainer-recommended 3-site measurement system for men and women - upper, midsection, and lower body.
-Hand held caliper lets users measure body fat by themselves!
-Incorporates sophisticated mathematical Jackson-Pollack body density equations for determining body fat.
-Audible BEEP indicates correct pressure and measurement, ensuring accuracy.
-Self-calibrating for lifetime accurate measurements.
-Fitness rating indicator based on gender, age & body fat %.
-Stores 3 personal profiles.
-Statistical reports display-shows maximum and minimum readings at each measuring point.
-Uses 3 volt lithium battery.

What's In It?

Package Contains:

-A FatTrack Digital Skinfold Caliper
-A Free MyoTape Body Tape Measurer
-User's Guide

Hold the FatTrack gently in your right hand. Your thumb should be over the BLUE measuring button on the upper arm of the caliper and your index finger should be under the bottom arm. Pinch your skinfold with your left hand at the appropriate measurement site and close the FatTrack gently until you hear a beep. The FatTrack will then display the millimeters (mm) of skinfold thickness. Press "SELECT" to lock in the reading and to advance to the next measurement site.

You can undo your measurement by pressing "NEXT" and taking the reading again.

  • Manufactured by: AccuFitness
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