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Hot-Rox - 110 Caps

The Fat-Loss Phenomenon!tm
HOT-ROXtm Fat-Loss Phenomenontm

What makes HOT-ROXtm Fat-Loss Phenomenontm so valuable and unique? First of all, it's far more effective at burning off body fat than anything that's ever been on the market. Furthermore, unlike ephedra-based formulas, it doesn't down-regulate beta-receptor sites and become ineffective over time.

And get this... It also increases protein synthesis and the natural production of anabolic substrates (in both men and women). In other words, it may actually help to preserve or even build muscle mass.

Even better yet, all of these metabolic benefits are sustained, around the clock, week after week, as long as you continue to take the formula.

For complete information on HOT-ROXtm, read Outrageous and True... We made Ephedra Obsolete! in Naturally Ripped News.


Ramps up lipolysis, releasing fat from adipocytes more rapidly than ephedra-based products to the point of no contest. Minimizes lipogenesis (fat creation) via increased cAMP and T3. Maximizes and sustains metabolism around the clock, turning fat into heat energy, through two powerful mechanisms: Fueling the TCA cycle Stimulating mitochondrial uncoupling Provides an inexhaustible supply of the weak-link substrate oxaloacetate and thus keeps the TCA cycle primed for sustained, maximum fat burn. Elevates and maintains not only the increased production of T3, but the peripheral conversion of T4 into T3 as well, without suppressing TSH (natural thyroid production). Doesn't over stimulate cardiac tissue or raise blood pressure. Preserves or even promotes muscle-mass gains. So if you want maximum fat-burning effects to work continually, around the clock (24/7), HOT-ROXtm is the perfect supplement for you!

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  • Manufactured by: Biotest
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