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All In One

Carbs + Aminos + Timing = Growth And Recovery!
Recent research has demonstrated that drinks containing full spectrum essential amino acids and carbohydrates result in dramatically favorable physiological responses if consumed before, during, and after exercise. Consuming these drinks in this fashion is known to be vastly more effective than consumption restricted to before training only or after training only.

In fact, EAA / carbohydrate drinks of this kind are so powerful that they are not only being studied for use with athletes, but also as a treatment for catabolic wasting in critically ill and bedridden hospital patients!!

Ergopharm All in One starts with all the essential amino acids in free form and is then further enriched by the addition of extra branch chained amino acids (BCAAs). Extra BCAAs maximize the anti-catabolic effects of the formula as well as provide effective non-carbohydrate fuel for working muscles. Free form amino acids are used because these are absorbed very quickly and result in minimal gastric distress compared to peptide and full protein sources. Only free form amino acids are proven in the literature to result in the benefits from EAA/carbohydrate drink blends.

In addition to the aminos, All in One contains a highly absorbable and digestible carbohydrate blend whose principle component is VitargoTM. VitargoTM is a form of amylopectin (a specialized high molecular weight carbohydrate) derived from waxy corn starch that has excellent osmotic properties. This enables the drink to empty from the stomach very quickly. Vitargo is also digested rapidly giving it a very high GI rating. The result of this carbohydrate blend is minimal bloating and excellent absorbability of the entire drink formula.

Ergopharm All in One is designed to be mixed up before working out. It is then consumed throughout the entire exercise session. Optimally the product is mixed in water 15-30 minutes before an exercise session and then sipped continuously through the entire pre-workout and workout period. Afterwards, it is beneficial to consume an additional dose of All in One to optimize anabolic/anti-catabolic and glycogen re-deposition effects.

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